Gathering the power of researchers from different disciplines.


Chiang Mai Rajabhat University has focused on air quality problems in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. Therefore, wishing and volunteering to be a part of co-operating in managing such problems better. The goal of air quality management is consistency of Sustainable Development of the United Nations according to SDGs No. 13 on the implementation of urgent measures to deal with climate change and its impacts (Climate Action).


Therefore, the Asian Air Quality Operations Center by Space Technology, Geo-informatics & Environmental Engineering (AiroTEC) was established under the direct supervision of the university. AiroTEC’s staffs consist of lecturers, researchers and personnel of Chiang Mai Rajabhat University who have expertise in their own sciences and have a common interest in the air quality in terms of academics, research, and academic services to the community. A network of cooperation with public and private agencies at the community, national and international levels has been established to integrate science and drive collaboration in raising awareness, preventing and solving the problem of haze and forest fires in the Southeast Asia, which will contribute to good air quality management together.

Mission includes;

  1. To create a network of air quality with both domestic and international agencies.
  2. To create a database and disseminate air quality data.
  3. To study, research and disseminate academic results.
  4. To create and exchange researchers, students in domestic and international level.
  5. To establish an air quality warning system to reduce social and environmental inequality.
  6. To apply technology and information for the benefit of society and community.
  7. To produce undergraduate or graduate who have research on air quality by integrating with related courses.
  8. To provide academic services for the benefit of society and communities
  9. Developed to lead to the extension of value to value