AiroTEC CMRU continues demonstrating and making a simple dust filter (DIY) for Subdistrict Administrative Organizations, Child Development Centers, Chiang Mai City Municipality, and Chiang Mai Rajabhat University personnel.

With the severe PM 2.5 dust in the Northern region, AiroTEC CMRU has realized the danger and has continued to demonstrate and produce a DIY dust filter and positive pressure room, including air purifiers. Measure PM 2.5 adiDUST for Chiang Mai Municipality and Child Development Center, Chiang Mai Municipality.

Mr.Soonthorn Yamsiri, Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality, is the recipient. KN95 masks are also delivered to be distributed to the public. In addition, AiroTEC CMRU is concerned about the health of its personnel. Therefore, a
simple dust filter (DIY) was also made for interested personnel.


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