AiroTEC welcomes network agencies from the University of Washington and AIT to install mobile airquality sensors and set up a data analysis system.

Dr. Ratchaphon Samputthanon and Dr. Chayanon Sawasdeenaruenat, AiroTEC Center, CMRU, welcomed Assoc.Prof. Dr.Kurtis Heimerl Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, USA, Faculty of Science. Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, USA, and Dr. Adisorn Lertsinthawee from intERLab(Internet Education and Research Laboratory), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

On the occasion of this visit to AiroTEC is part of the academic cooperation in the project “Effects of PM 2.5 air pollution on motorcycle taxi drivers via the Grab application”. The project’s primary goal is to install mobile dust and air pollution sensors on roads to record dust values , routes, and driving behavior to analyze their health impact correlation. This has received cooperation from Grab Food Chiang Mai volunteers and Red Car Chiang Mai in installing and collecting mobile data. By testing the system on July 7 – 10, 2023, the results are expected to be extended during the upcoming dust and smoke season at the end of the year to the middle of the following year. For the benefit of the innovation development in this project, it can be used as information in planning to manage the PM 2.5 problem to benefit the health of people in the Chiao Mai community. You can access more information from the AiroTEC Center at


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