Enveritas, an international organization collaborates with AiroTEC, to survey and assess the sustainability of coffee production systems, aiming to alleviate poverty in the global coffee sector.

“Enveritas supports a collaborative research project to investigate best practices in coffee farming and assess the sustainability of global coffee production systems. This project involves developing surveys, cultivation techniques, processing practices, management strategies, and assessing the natural resources of coffee cultivation in the northern region of Thailand. The assessment of supply chains aims to alleviate poverty in the global coffee sector. Mr. Ivan Mahardika, the Regional Data Manager for Asia, and Ms. Monica, a computer surveyor at Enveritas, participated in a meeting to plan operations with Dr. Ratchaphon Samphutthanont and Dr. Worawit Suppawimut from AiroTEC, CMRU. They discussed assembling a team to survey coffee farms, training in field data collection tools, ensuring high-quality and reliable data for analysis.”



“Enveritas, an international non-profit organization, began its research and exploration into global coffee and cocoa sectors in 2016. It collaborates with local organizations worldwide to understand the societal, economic, environmental, and developmental challenges faced by coffee. By the year 2023, it had surveyed and evaluated coffee production globally in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, covering up to 85% of production in 26 countries, including Asian-Pacific nations such as Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and India. In 2024, it partnered with AiroTEC, CMRU to conduct surveys starting in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces of Thailand. The insights gathered are expected to be analyzed to understand the context of coffee in Thailand, aiming to benefit sustainable management practices for the coffee industry. This broader approach will enable smallholder farmers to participate in export markets with a focus on sustainable livelihoods.”


Photos and news by: Public Relations Team, AiroTEC Center, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University