AiroTEC CMRU launches "AIRO" Activity Ambassadors to raise awareness of the dangers of PM2.5 dust for people in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son.

Professor Dr. Ratchaphon Samputthanon, Director of the Asian Air Quality Operations Center by Space Technology, Geo-informatics & Environmental Engineering (AiroTEC), Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Launched the AiroTEC center mascot “AIRO” as a medium to communicate with target groups. The meaning of the word “AIRO,” besides referring to air, also conveys the mission of the AiroTEC center, which wants people in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son to live, by relying on good oxygen for life.

For “AIRO,” the ambassadors will act as center representatives in service activities, both inside and outside Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. It also provides information to raise awareness of the impact of PM2.5 on health, which is a risk factor for respiratory disease, asthma, and lung cancer and affects the overall health of people. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate cooperation from various agencies to achieve a sustainable effect on public health.

Professor Dr. Ratchaphon said the center has focused on monitoring information about PM2.5 dust quickly and clearly. People can promptly track air quality in Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son at There is also a YouTube channel of the center, 


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